'Teen Mom 2' recap: One Step Forward, Two Baby Steps Back

I don't know about you guys, but last night's episode felt particularly gut-wrenching. At times I felt angry, especially when Chelsea failed to see just how terrible Adam was. But the episode also made me sad -- how could you not tear up when Leah asked if she was to blame for Ali's medical condition? All aboard the emotional roller coaster!

I wish I could say that Adam cleaned up his act, offered to pay rent and was nice to Chelsea. But I'm sad to inform you that not one of those things actually happened last night. Chelsea conveyed her father's message to Adam that he should contribute to the rent. (Anyone else surprised that Chelsea actually did something about the situation rather than let it combust? Just wait, we'll get to the combustion later...) Adam rationalized that he couldn't pay both rent and child support (heaven forbid!), and that if he had to pay, so did Megan. I never realized that Megan was living there rent-free, but that explains why she's ever so willing to put up with a baby in the house. Regardless, she actually agreed that splitting the rent three ways was totally fine by her. But the bigger problem was how Adam treated her. He made her feel worthless, all while Chelsea played dumb. Mind you, Adam had just said that her and Megan were "brain-dead" and "idiots." Ladies and gentleman, I give you the father of Chelsea's child. Read More...



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