'Glee' recap: Don't Stop Beliebing

Oh, Glee, you fickle madam. You have more peaks and valleys than Will Schuester's hairline, and last night (save this Bieber Fever I knew I'd catch) was unfortunately a valley.

That's not to say it was bad -- it was just a bit off. Let's take a closer look.

Sue was feeling sue-icidal after the Cheerios failed to qualify for nationals. When a vitamin A overdose didn't do the job, Emma suggested she join Glee to get back some of the champion spirit that helped win her a house full of trophies -- and to stop her from rampaging through the halls in search of Glee kids to throw against lockers. Cue Schu's bitch-face, which, if you're keeping track, is two parts vexation, one part fear, one part constipation, and two parts hell-to-the-no. But Emma used her magical powers of persuasion on Schu (meaning she winked one of her gigantic eyes and turned him into a state henceforth known as Pillsbury's dough) and he agreed, knowing it was also a chance to keep an eye on Sue. And Sue, of course, had a plan to destroy Glee from the inside. Read More...



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