Southland Review: The Price of Friendship

Similar to real life, things on Southland frequently go off course. This week’s episode was no exception, hence the title: "Sideways."

The TNT drama gave us the snapshot scene at the outset and then we spent the rest of the hour winding our way back to that moment. When the woman stepped in front of Dewey and Chickie’s patrol car during a high speed chase, my breath caught. I expected them to swerve and miss her. Sometimes, I forget, this isn’t your normal cop show.

I wished we’d seen more of Dewey’s reaction to the pedestrian death. It sounded as though he fell back on his twelve-step program, but it happened off camera. In the aftermath, Chickie questioned why she became a cop and that led to a wonderful scene between her and John.

Last season, John doubted whether she was capable to wear a badge. This season, he was the one that had her back, the one to remind her that being a cop wasn’t just a job, it was part of her identity, that she deserved to wear that uniform. Read More...


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