Interview: "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior" Co-Creator Edward Allen Bernero

While some series become hits and immediately look at spawning the success with a spin-off, it took six seasons for the CBS hit crime drama "Criminal Minds" to launch a sequel. Edward Allen Bernero, the co-creator (with Chris Mundy) and showrunner of "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior," told our Jim Halterman earlier this week that he was as surprised as anyone when the time was finally right to start the new series. "I'm not generally a supporter of the spin-off model because I wasn't sure what was going to be different," he explained. "We spent five years talking about how these are the only people in the world who can do this and suddenly there are a bunch of other people who can but it feels so different and it has its own life." During the chat, Bernero, who continues as executive producer/showrunner of the parent series, explained specifically how "Suspect Behavior" is indeed different, why Penelope Garcia is the only character that will be seen on both series and what lines they can and can't cross in telling the often-horrific crime stories. Read More...


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