Lights Out Review: "Combinations"

Things got off to a rousing start on "Combinations."

Patrick finally set up his fight with "El Diablo" and, with a little acting that even had me fooled, the two broke out into a brawl before the real fight had even begun. It made for great entertainment, especially when promoters are trying to hype up the anticipation.

Elsewhere, Patrick jumped into a training mode that included a montage sequence. It’s a classic boxing tool, so why not use it?

But as much as Patrick focuses on training, everyone around him finds someway to pull him every which way.

Pops is extremely focused on getting Patrick back into prime form. It’s interesting to see the increased amount of attention he pays to Patrick, simply because he wants to fight again. Boxing seems to be the only thing Pops truly cares about and it angers him when any distractions get in the way, even something physical like an eye injury. Read More...


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