'Glee' Recap: Don't Call It a Comeback

Despite Blaine creeping out most of us in last week's "Silly Love Songs," it does otherwise feel like Glee is trying to stage a comeback (though, is it ever good news if a show's only in its second season and is having to stage a comeback?). So what better way to hit us over the head with the idea than with an episode entitled "The Comeback"?  Let's break it down, shall we?

First off, lo and behold -- Will is teaching Spanish! Yeah, yeah, I know. He's always been the Spanish teacher, but we've hardly seen him putting in the hours. So 1) we learn he's not a liar and 2) we learn thatregresar means "to come back" in Spanish. The more you know ...   

And Will himself feels like he's having a comeback after getting Sue's Cheerios funding and getting over Emma (when did that happen? Presumably off-camera, where he's also been teaching kids how to conjugate verbs in Spanish all this time). But, speak of the devil, a worried Emma bursts into the room, says she needs Will, and he's off and running. Read More...



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