'The Biggest Loser': The bigger they are, the harder they bawl


Tensions and emotions were running high on Wednesday's (Feb. 16) episode of "The Biggest Loser" with a tiff between the ladies of the Black team and a couple guys who turned emotional corners.Alison Sweeney had several tricks up her sleeve this week. The first challenge consisted of the team being tied together with rope with the first team to free themselves winning sole privileges to the gym for the week, leaving the losers to deal with the outdoors. The red team took the challenge easily as Justin's background in roping on the ranch and even an Eagle Scout badge led the team to its win.This brought about the first spat of the episode when Hannah is so disappointed with the loss she starts pointing fingers at her teammates for not trying hard enough. Now, stop right there, missy, they thought. No one who has to push a truck up a hill, stand half naked on a scale...



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