DETROIT 187 “Legacy/Drag City” Review

DETROIT 187 "Legacy / Drag City" Episode 15 – When I saw the guest-star list last week I started salivating early, looking forward to this episode. Why?

"Omar’s comin’."

Okay, sure, there’s no Omar on Detroit 1-8-7. But the superb Michael Kenneth Williams, who played the revenge-driven vigilante Omar on five seasons of HBO’s The Wire, was guest-starring as Clarence Warrenton, a parolee who shows up at the precinct and confesses to two murders. And I wasn’t going to miss that.

Omar wouldn’t like it if I missed it. And I generally try not to do things that Omar wouldn’t like.

Half-kidding Omar-worship aside, I was truly curious how this would go down. A colleague and I recently had a discussion about whether or not Williams had any real skill beyond the "Omar" type of character; Williams also plays a man named Chalky White in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, a role which my colleague basically called "Omar in a fancy suit," citing this as proof of a lack of range. I countered by pointing out he’d played the role of Thief in Joe Penhall’s grim adaptation of Cormack McCarthy’s The Road – a role in which Williams basically played the most cowardly man ever. Read More...


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