LIGHTS OUT “Combinations” Review

LIGHTS OUT "Combination" Season 1 Episode 6 – Lights is seeing double as his dementia and a poke in the eye hinder his vision. He is still living away from his wife, who is still very much the harpy shrew who makes his good for nothing brother look like a chivalric prince.

Lights Out has been pretty underrated for the quality it has given week to week. It is not the greatest show ever, it wouldn’t even crack the top ten right now, but it is a damn sight more enjoyable and more engaging than most of the junk on television. I suppose for any television show, any movie, to work it has to have three things: cast, writing and directing. Sure, it can have special effects and dazzling gadgets and musical montages, but without the triad of storytelling, it is flawed. It’s not guarantee success, but with those components it has a fighting chance. Read More...


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