THE GOOD WIFE “Net Worth” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Net Worth" Season 2 Episode 14 – The Good Wife didn’t even bother camouflaging the source material for this episode; they mentioned The Social Network specifically, their screenwriter had a drug problem and was a fast talking clever guy. Their own Mark Zuckerberg creation was a 25 year old computer genius who acted so disconcertingly similar to Jesse Eisenberg’s turn in The Social Network. Thankfully, there were no flip flops in sight.

Did The Good Wife go too far? They certainly toed the line, and as daring as alluding to things like Aaron Sorkin (the creator of one of the greatest television series of all time-The West Wing-and the writer of The Social Network) drug problems was, it was, I think, at a disservice to the story, despite how well crafted that story was. Despite this, Will and Diane’s rapport was as enjoyable as it always is and it was great to see a whole episode go by without hearing Bond’s name from either of them. Read More...


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