OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 4 Review

OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 4 - This episode a violent AC is loose in Forthaven. It doesn’t take long for Fleur and Cass to find him and discover that it was testing carried out by the Forthaven scientists that made him violent in the first place. While Fleur tries to get him back to the other ACs, Cass tries to hand him over to his fellow PAS officers – with deadly results.

I wanted to like this episode. Elijah was an interesting character and I liked Tipper sliding back into his rogue-with-a-heart-of-gold persona. Cass’ coming around to Elijah being a good person and then still turning to Tate was engaging. But it all comes apart when I look at the episode as a whole.

Outcasts only has 8 episodes to deliver a full storyline, whether or not certain plot points are left open-ended for a potential second series. Episodes 1 and 2 had some exposition and pacing issues, but they were pretty much par for the course for a single series drama. Episode 3 slipped into episodic storytelling, and while not a great piece of television, at least wrapped up neatly at the end of the hour. Read More...



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Dec 29, 2011 12:11PM EST

This Show Sucks Big time and thank the stars of (Kabul) only 4 more episodes left.

Cass/Judas or Jack/Judas can never come back from being a Nazi foot solider who says I am just following orders, His Character is dead to me and no self respecting person meaning Fluer should fall in love with this specimen for humanity his lack of intelligence alone makes me question why he would get a Golden ticket to come to Carpathia.

Tipper is the best thing on the show and the AC as well, someone should do a full episode about them.

Plot is to simplistic and the fact that Tate is having visions make me think he was the the carrier of this mystery disease The People of Fort-haven are complacent and they already killed off the most interesting character/martyr in episode 1 MITCHELL OH THE INSANITY OF THE writers of this show. Plus remember no-one of the people who were suppose to mutiny followed their respected leader which says allot for terrible story line issues.

have we really got time for past evil science and long moments of thinly veiled ‘are they human? are they equal?’ dialogue? answer is Yes how else could we the audience hate the character of Tate any more then I already do from episode 1.

Tate is a genetics scientist,Stella is a neurologist, Julian is a astroclimatologist and like tipper who would have become the mathematician/Ph.D. in Physics scientist both have chosen to walk away from their talent and pursue something else.

Here is wrench in the Outcast plot, I thought Fluer was a lesbian so how come she switched sides from episode 1 till episode 4?

Sorry this show is no go for good science fiction.

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