'Hellcats' Recap: 'God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away'

In a twist, this week's "Hellcats" started off with a bunch of shirtless, sweaty firemen playing basketball. Huh? Kind of a head scratcher…oh wait…no it's not. Turns out it was Alice's brilliant idea to to try and make Savannah feel better that their cheery world is about to come crashing down around them.

It sort of works when Alice invites two shirtless fire wonders to a party at Lancer. Savannah freaks out over the idea of throwing an impromptu party and goes back to Cheer Town stressing out. The whole squad won't stop talking about their impending demise, Savannah starts crying, goes to her room, prays to God and gets the answer she needs: get into Alice's idea and throw an 'It's the end of the World' toga party to distract everyone from the blatant fact that their days at Lancer could be numbered.

Lewis kicks off the party by giving some sort of cheer-leading speech that would have made Martin Luther King Jr. proud before launching in to a cover of "Shout" while everyone, dressed in perfectly tailored togas, perform the usual gyrating, skin-flashing routine we see in every episode. Read More...



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