'The Game' 4.06 'Didn't You Know Who I Was?' Recap And Review

More drama, of course! Beginning with everyone's favorite spoiled star quarterback, who reveals...well, what I've been suspecting all along.

Malik, Derwin & Jason

Still in rehab, Malik is not enjoying group therapy (as if we expected he would?), while he continues to deny that he has any sort of problem whatsoever. "Were you a jackass before the drugs?" one of his fellow patients inquires, but he brushes it off. Later that night, he tries to hit on Jenna, a supermodel also in residence. He tells her, "I don't really have a problem. I'm just doing this little Tiger Woods stunt for the good PR." Excuse me, but I have to say it: I told you so!

Jenna blows Malik off, and literally seconds later, his doctor arrives, saying that he's not sure Malik is serious about getting better, despite having tested positive for opiates when he was admitted. Malik translates this into being kicked out if rehab, or in other words, the excuse he's been looking for to leave. Read More...



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