Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #01 - Review

With her origins in the Dead or Alive franchise which spawned quite a few different games over the years, one of which was Super Black Jack I believe, the character of Rio from that series serves as inspiration for this series. With this series focused around the world of gambling and the like, it's one that I found myself somewhat uncertain of when hearing about it, but what can prove to be the appeal is whether it has fun in doing it and what the locales and settings are like. Sometimes a show can pull it all off by style itself and with Xebec being behind the animation, I'm more than willing to see if it can keep me entertained just in that area.The series opens with the Howard Resort where a young girl named Mint has just arrived with her grandfather who is quite wealthy. Mint is your typical adorable little girl who runs around a casino with her teddy bear and manages to get closer to the floor than you'd think would be allowed. Her interest in the place is generally high but even more so when the crowd goes wild over the arrival of Rio, the apparently goddess of victory whose touch can give you the edge with whatever game you're playing. It's an amusing sequence as she walks on through the main floor and pretty much everyone wins what they're playing as she goes by. Mint's even more intrigued by her because of it but because of her height she can't get close enough to actually see her clearly. The two do make a connection though which is reinforced when Rio arrives at Mint's grandfather's behest later on in a special little maid-style outfit. Read More...


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