Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #03 - Review

The story of Rio: Rainbow Gate moves in a fun direction for this episode as Rio gets tasked with checking out a new facility that's going to be opening soon, an upgraded and revitalized hotel and casino at the infamous 'Misery Castle' location. The place is one that has a whole lot of potential with a really gorgeous look to it and a sense of elegance and opulence that isn't overstated. The problem is that it's got a bit of a history now where there are rumors of ghosts existing within there. The opening segment even has a dream sequence where Rio plays a game against the former mistress of the castle, which is strikingly beautiful with its animation and colors.Misery's making her way into the existing Howard Resort casinos and causing a fair amount of bad luck to surface there, though there are moments where even she gets frustrated by what happens when a certain new dealer mucks with the bad luck she creates. Misery's making a play to take over the casino though with threats and you can't help but be amused that it became even more of a problem because of her interactions with Ania. The episode has a very amusing Ghostbusters feeling at times as the girls all make their way through the casino and there's some spooky moments to be had and a look at Misery's past with what happened to her when she lost everything and the resulting incidents because of it. It's all straightforward in its own way, but it's simply really nicely done, tight and straightforward with some appealing animation. Read More...


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