Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #04 - Review

The Howard Resort certainly knows how to hire its dealers as the arrival of Rina brings a bit more of a buxom hourglass beauty to the show. With the show being more aimed at guys, which means we get hardly anything with male dealers, building up the harem-style cast without any actual male lead to focus on is actually a welcome little trick. The focus on Rio and her life as an expert deal with seemingly goddess like abilities, and the proof to back it up with the special cards that she has, allows things to have a very different feeling. The show continues to have a sense of fun about it and the addition of more characters has not harmed it so far.With Rio and Rina being childhood friends that have been separated for awhile, putting them together as Rina gets acquainted with the place works nicely as we can see there's not exactly tension or jealousy between them, but a little sense of unease from Rio's part because of the way Rina talks and nudges things in certain directions. It's all pleasant and friendly, but it has a little undercurrent of distrust in there as well. The show does play things up a bit as it progresses in the first half with a gambler that tries to challenge Rio, which lets Rina get a look at how Rio operates but also the general nature of the Resort. It's sadly a bit over the top, similar to what we saw previously with the dealer that came to challenge Rio, so it's not all that surprising. Read More...


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