Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #06 - Review

As Rio has progressed, we've seen a few gate battles so far and they've been fun to mildly interesting at best since a lot depends on who all is involved and the level of the bet. With the sixth episode of Rio, Cartia is making her play to really build up her casino empire that's in competition with the Howard Resort by challenging him to a gate battle with his resort as the collateral for it. It's a risky bet to be sure, which makes it potentially all the more exciting, and Howard looks at it as a way to really promote the Sky Resort with something as big as this. It's all a challenge designed to stick it to Howard but also to get a shot at Rio since she's gaining in stature even more after the recent gate battles and her card acquisitions.The match has an interesting angle to it in that Cartia has her player, someone named Jack, who will go against Rio and she doesn't get to know what he looks like or who he really is until the match itself. It's a nice bit of psychological pressure since she can't be certain who all is watching her at any point that may be playing games with her mind prior to it. Thankfully, she does get help from her friends, Rina in particular who reinforces their childhood friendship, while Mint thinks she has a clue who Jack may be as she follows a man in a purple kimono that strikes her as odd. It's too obvious, which is why the person she runs into in the middle of this little adventure turns out to be the real Jack that Rio will go up against. Read More...


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