Infinite Stratos Episode #01-03 Review

Infinite Stratos is based on a light novel series by the same name, and after a brief delay is now being simulcast by The Anime Network. This Sunday, January 23, saw the airing of the third episode in Japan, and as of that time, the first three episodes have been made available for registered users at AN. After watching those three episodes, it was obvious that the creators were trying to play on every cliché they could get their hands on, and yet I still remained entertained throughout.In some indeterminate near future, powerful combat mecha known as Infinite Stratos, or IS, have been created, but in an odd quirk of their design, only females are able to sync with the systems and control them. As you might be able to imagine, this has flipped the traditional gender roles as a single IS is far more powerful than any other weaponry in the known world. The IS are so powerful, in fact, that international treaty has banned them for military use, relegating them instead to athletic and skills competitions. Still, countries who know their stuff are well prepared for worst case scenarios. Read More...


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