Infinite Stratos Episode #04 Review

As the last episode ended, Ichika and Rin made a bet based on the outcome of a duel at the Inter-Class IS Tournament: the loser has to do anything the winner demands. As this episode begins, the tournament has begun and the two are getting ready to square off. While Rin toys with Ichika through most of the fight, he is able to stay alive long enough to remember the training given to him by his sister about the ultimate attack of his personal IS, the Byakushiki. But just as he is about to turn the tide, their battle is interrupted by a rogue IS that has broken through the school's defenses and forced Ichika and Rin to work together for the first time.After the first three episodes, I felt that Infinite Stratos was very unoriginal but was likable despite that. This episode has done nothing to change those feelings. Nothing about the plot so far has been shocking or even particularly creative; even the big twist in this episode was phoned in from so far away that we might have to start charging long distance rates. But you know what? I do not care. The cast is definitely likable (even Ichika who is not so much of a wet blanket as to be irritating) and the action is good. And while the plot might not be unique, it is still decent. Four episodes in, Infinite Stratos might be fluff, but at least it is entertaining fluff. Read More...


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