Infinite Stratos Episode #05 Review

Last episode gave us the (much?) anticipated duel between Ichika and Rin, only to be interrupted by a mysterious invading IS. The two quickly learn to work together, and in a twist that even M. Night Shyamalan would be proud of, the rogue IS is found to not only be unmanned'"a feat previously thought impossible'"but also not one of the 467 officially registered IS units. A mystery is afoot.So, as is often the case when a major plot point is dropped on the viewer, this episode completely ignores said developments in favor of giving us more of the same that led up to the big reveal. In this episode, Houki and Ichika are informed that they are no longer roommates as a new boy from France'"Charles Dunois'"has entered the school, only the second male after Ichika to be able to control an IS. Ichika is happy to have another male around for some good male bonding. And, of course, the rest of the girls are happy to see Charles in school, if only to have another male around to lust after. Things seem to be settling into some form of normalcy until yet another transfer student'"Laura Bodewig'"from Germany arrives, and it is apparent from the outset that she harbors a grudge against Ichika. Read More...


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