Infinite Stratos Episode #06 Review

With the arrival of Laura and Charles in the last episode, life at the Academy appears to be getting interesting for Ichika. Charles joins in with Houki, Cecelia, and Rin to help Ichika catch up with the rest of the school in the use of an IS, and his less intense methods of instruction seem to work better with Ichika than that of the girls. This, of course, frustrates the girls as it seems that Ichika is bonding more with his effeminate roommate than with any of them. But even the typically non-observant Ichika realizes something is up with Charles when he realizes that Charles gets unusually nervous and embarrassed in the locker room after practice. Ichika's relationship with Laura is far rockier, as she seems intent on crushing Ichika for reasons unknown to him. She tries to challenge him during practice time; when he declines, she attacks, only to be thwarted by Charles and the teachers. But she is determined on defeating him at the earliest possible opportunity.I was left a little frustrated by the last episode when episode four introduced something of a reveal, only for episode five to completely ignore it in favor of returning to the status quo of Ichika being pulled in many directions by his various paramours. In some ways, I am left with the same frustration, as much of what went on in this episode was little more than character development, and there has still been nothing more about the mysterious rogue IS that attacked the school two episodes ago.  Read More...


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