Mitsudomoe 2 Episode #01 - Review

Having missed the first season, I decided to jump onto the second season here to see what the general buzz is about since it's been generally well received for what it is. The second season doesn't endear itself to new viewers easily at first as it deals with a sentai team kind of reality gag that runs too long as the bad guys are causing trouble in the real world after being scolded for dealing so poorly with the Gachi Rangers. Sentai style team shows have never been a favorite of mine, animated or live action, but there have been some decent parodies and satires over the years that have worked well. Mitsudomoe runs the gag into the ground with their first episode devoted to it.

The story revolves around the latest plot by the Gedol Empire to strike back at Earth by' dissolving the children of Earth. The Gachi Rangers catch onto this quickly, and through their very hard to see special secret base that's right out in the open, they mobilize to deal with the issue. With this being a comedy, it's all about the visual gags to bring it all together. Taking an hour to get from the base to the school doesn't help them in the slightest. Each is your basic archetype of the color rainbow that are sentai teams, but having not seen the first season there's no connection here from personality to this variant of it. They go through a variety of gags to deal with the Gedol Empire in the first half and end up bungling things so badly that come the second half, there's a huge push by the mob mentality to haul them out and deal out some justice to them. Read More...


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