Mitsudomoe 2 Episode #03 - Review

Exposure to Mitsudomoe is certainly something that could be a mixed bag. With the third episode, I find myself getting another very different look at the show compared to the first two. The Gachi Rangers left me very cold, though I can understand the appeal to a good number of people, while the second episode did a very hectic but fun introduction to the fairly large cast that's here. It showed more of the basics of the humor and covered a lot of ground which in turn shifts considerably with this episode as the sexual nature of it is ramped up significantly. That the show opens with the elementary school kids dealing with nude portraits and Shin is completely uninterested in sketching one of the girls, or any of them really, naked, he finds himself beset upon by them. To the point where the sisters have a wide variety of underwear thrown out in front of him to go through. And, apparently, to put on him as well.The short form nature of the stories again helps to really let the show have a lot of fun without being stuck with a particular gag. One sequence deals with earthquake preparedness as the teacher suddenly throws them into one, though it's obviously not real, and they have to deal with the situations. From the earthquake to the fire, it hits the gags pretty well, especially as the teacher gets tasked with carrying out the number of 'corpses' that are now there since they don't want to really participate. It's another instance where doing something to help them sort of backfires on him in a way, but he's able to make it into something of a teaching moment. His use of what appears to be magical sweat from Mitsuba is priceless. Read More....


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