Mitsudomoe 2 Episode #04 - Review

The kids in Mitsudomoe are the types that I think by far are the ones that need to be closely monitored so they don't actually hurt themselves or others. Case in point is the opening story here that has Futaba taking a hammer and some floorboards so they can make a slide from the first level roof into the school pool itself. It's all put together quite shoddily and it's not something that looks like you could slide down comfortably. And that's even before you take into account all thenails that are holding it all together. Nails which tear at young girls bathing suits as they slide down, leading to a whole lot of troubles for them now that everyone else and the teacher are in the pool and the backsides of their suits are torn open.A segment involving spirits in pictures leads more to accusations and the like, but it's cute how much trouble they all try getting each other into with how naughty some of the angles are with it and that puts Mitsuba into an even more awkward position, though she tries to shift it a few times. There's a strange feeling to this segment as it moves on, especially in how everyone interacts with each other, that I can't quite put my finger on. When the gag itself is revealed, it's definitely amusing with what's really involved with it all, but the piece as a whole is one of the weaker segments. The festival segment is a bit strong if only because a couple of the guys show up in it and they tend to be alternately abused by the girls and abuse them when the opportunity arrives. The kimono's are cute on them as they go through things, but it goes strangely awful when Futuba starts dealing with the way Shin is apparently so perverted, which just leads him to being completely freaked out. When it involves panty-masks, who can blame him. Read More...


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