Mitsudomoe 2 Episode #05 - Review

Mitudomoe certainly is the kind of show that has a lot of fun with its characters. Case in point is the very first story on here with Satou is suddenly thrown for a loop when an eraser shows that he has quite the interest in Itou, though he denies it. Just the mention of it sets the class ablaze with interest but it doesn't take long for it to start moving in another direction when it's revealed that someone else wrote it to get him in trouble. Or for some other plan. The accusations fly pretty easily and it's cute watching the drama unfold amongst such young characters where it's almost over the top but not quite. It's amusing how it goes sort of wide in how it's stated that they all love Satou, so it's all okay.The series continues to have some truly awkward moments when it comes to the way the characters are dealt with as being older than they are as it has a certain level of sexuality that's borderline creepy. But that's part and parcel for the shows appeal in trying to push the envelope like that. Of course, it can swing the other way in terms of creepy just as easily as the girls father comes to check things out at school and ends up hiding in a seat at the back of the class and is mistaken as a student by someone who should truly know better.  Read More....


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