Mitsudomoe 2 Episode #06 - Review

Sometimes small events can be a lot of fun and lead to really awkward situations. Case in point is the start of this episode with the new year festivities as the girls are eating oranges with their dad only to discover that they've gone bad as all three kids suddenly developed really bad stomacaches that have them racing desperately to the bathroom. Mitsuba of course deals out the best methods of getting in there first and she does nothing but cause trouble by it since she stays in even after she's done so she can be ready for the next round. Futuba at least tries to go to the neighbors while Hitoha just makes things much worse for Mitsuba when Mitsuba gets stuck in the wonder. It's literally potty humor at its finest without going to a disgusting level.The Valentines piece is particularly timely though and it's a lot of fun as it lets Satou shine a bit as well as Soujirou. Satou's least favorite holiday is this one as the girls are all over him with tons of chocolate and lots of headaches with how they all get. What makes it worse is that the guys all think it's a good kind of problem and can't sympathize so he gets no help there. Where he does get help is from Soujiro as he sees some of himself in young Satou, though the first segment of help with it has Soujiro coming off as a real pervert by picking up Satou and running off with him, which sets the girls after both of them to save poor Satou's innocence.  Read More....


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