Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #01 - Review

Trading Card Games and anime go together fairly well as we've seen two of the biggest names in US known anime series utilize that with Pokemon and YuGiOh. Cardfight!! Vanguard is the latest to arrive, this one with some strong mangaka influences to it, and it's arriving a good month or so I believe before the game itself is even available in Japan. That, of course, highlights it as one very openly honest advertising campaign and commercial. Be that as it may though, there are many shows that are little more than commercials for toys over the years that were completely awesome so it's easy to go into this with something of an open mind, even if the entire TCG field is something that I never got into with any amount of seriousness or even with a casual nature.The series focuses on middle school age kids who, along with all other ages of kids, play the Vanguard card game pretty regularly and there's even a teacher that uses it in the first episode to highlight history lessons which is rather amusing. Youthful imagination is definitely big here at times as one of the students envisions the big player in the game, Blaster Blade, fighting in the Sengoku period against classic warriors. The amount of card talk and display in class is equally amusing as you see kids opening packs between books and daydreaming about adventures and the like. Having seen that myself in school in a different form years ago, it brings back memories to be sure. Read More...


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