Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #03 - Review

Aichi's life has changed noticeably in the last few days since becoming more interested in cardfights as his cute younger sister and his attractive mother have noted that he's up early in the morning and ready for school and spending time out. They take it as a positive since he used to spend all his time alone in his room just lazing about, which really doesn't say much good about him prior to finding his new addiction. Regardless, even though they aren't aware of what he's up to, they're happy that he's getting out and being more active in some form. Emi's intent on seeing what her brother is up to though so she waits for him outside his school to see where he's going. Of course, she sees nothing but evil and darkness from the boys he's with as the head off to Card Capital for a match against each other.The reality of the situation is obviously completely different as she goes in to see so many people playing, especially kids her age as well, with lots and lots of happy faces. The dark and scary nature she sees from the outside is contrasted by the bright and inviting interior, which is something I can easily relate to having been in my share of card shops, game stores and especially comic book stores that definitely buck the stereotype. Emi gets an introduction to the place from Nitta as he shows her around the basics, including the cat and Misaki, but most especially very detailed and accurate images of the booster packs and boxes of the cards. Some things you have to get completely right after all. Read More...


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