Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #04 - Review

Striking the right balance when it comes to your characters with how they feel about each other can be quite hard, especially when a part of the audience wants to view everything through the yaoi filter, whether it's there or not. Cardfight!! Vanguard has a hard time really keeping it clean, such as we see at the start of the episode when Aichi arrives at the game shop and is seriously disappointed that Kai isn't there. Nitta notices this and comments about how he looks like he was just rejected by his girlfriend. Aichi manages to brush it off because Nitta talks up how happy he looks just to be there now, but it's the kind of awkward moment that only fuels the fire of the relationship gang.The show takes an amusing twist as it gets going as Nitta has to head off to a meeting of various managers in the area. That means he can't play his match against Aichi as promised, so he substitutes Misaki for it, something she's decidedly unhappy about. We've mostly seen her just sitting there quietly so far in the show and it hasn't been easy to tell if it's just a job or something she's actually interested in. Nitta getting her to play helps that a bit, once he puts in the sub-manager of the cat to watch the counter, and we see what Misaki is capable of. She definitely seems to know what's what about the cards and the deck she's given, but there's an uncertainty and hesitance to how she plays, including dropping several of her cards right from the start. Read More...


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