Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #05 - Review

Aichi's playing against Misaki was a decent enough teaching game for him as he started to understand more about what's needed to play a deck. While he's not been hugely reliant on his main Buster blade card, he hasn't figure out the tricks and nuance to it all when it comes to pairing up cards and bringing his attacks and defense together in a way that really shines. Yet even as he losses, again, he's not demoralized by it as he wants to figure it all out. He's quieter after a los for the most part, but he doesn't give up and keeps trying to come back to it with a new understanding and approach.This episode has Aichi returning to the store to get a booster pack so he can build up his deck a little more but he gets sidetracked a bit as there's someone new in there, a bit younger than he is in fact, who has his own little group of fans and followers that hang on his every word and play. He's the overconfident kid that has it all figured out and essentially goes forward to school Aichi in a new game that the two get to play against each other. The kid is pretty confident and has that wise old man sageness about him that can be truly annoying in anyone under a particular age, but even more so from some elementary school student when it comes to a trading card game. Aichi doesn't really recognize this as he's just wanting to play and learn, but you can imagine that Misaki would want to just slap him around some given the chance. Read More....


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