The Game 4.06 "Don't You Know Who I Was?" Review

Image, ego, and pride were the evils of last night's episode of The Game as they brought the ugliness out of three of our favorite characters, or in one person's case, magnified to jumbo screen proportions. With that said, we were clued in on some of the burning questions that we've been asking all season, but not enough.

So, Malik has been abusing vicodin, which probably explains his amplified brutish behavior since the show has returned. I had put my money on an increase in alcohol intake, but I would've lost that bet it seems. However, even though we have the answer of what Malik was tripping off, it still doesn't answer the why or the what of Malik's actions. Why did Malik and Tee Tee have a falling out? What lead Malik to get hooked on the meds in the first place? The vicodin could've turned into a means for Malik to deal with some serious drama that might had transpired in the two year absence. If that's the case then hopefully Malik will reveal all during his stay in rehab, which could prove to be an interesting storyline in itself, especially since Tika Sumpter (Gossip Girl) has been introduced on the show. Read More....


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