SOUTHLAND “Sideways” Review

SOUTHLAND "Sideways" Season 3 Episode 7 - "Even when cops do everything right, things can sometimes go sideways."

After an innocent bystander is killed in a shoot out, a witness offers up a wealth of information. The catch? He was also injured and will die imminently. Lydia tries her best to comfort him, giving us an insight into her own painful past. The warm and fuzzies of doing a good deed don’t last long for her though – Russell finally gives into his own guilt and admits that it was he who leaked the case photographs from the singer’s murder last week.

Dewey and Chickie persue a suspect, leading to a car chase. But things go sideways and a combination of factors no one could anticipate leads them to hit a woman crossing the street, killing her instantly. Both Dewey and Cooper try to convince a distraught Chickie that it was no one’s fault. Read More...


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Jun 6, 2016 4:44PM EDT

Sammy is going to do some off duty killing of the guy who killed Nate. I knew he was not going to id the guy. He is a perpetual fuck up. Russel Russel how could you do that to the one person who trusted you the most. Chickie you are a bad cop but so is dewy but I love c Thomas Howell manic portrayal of Dewey.

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