COMMUNITY “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking” Advance Review

COMMUNITY "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" Season 2 Episode 16 - Pierce winds up in the hospital after taking too many pills and the gang rushes to his side. I had the chance to watch "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" early and it’s a trip down the rabbit hole of psychological warfare, Pierce-style.

"And so it is bequeathed." Community has used many different methods to get into its characters’ heads, but Pierce’s gifts may be my favorite so far. What initially looks like "A Very Special Episode" quickly becomes a hilarious roller coaster of attempted emotional torture. It’s fascinating to see the effects of the gifts on the different study group members. Some–like Shirley–are pretty much what you would expect; others–say, Jeff–are perhaps a bit different. Then you have the surreal–i. e. Troy. All are awesome in their own way. Read More...


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