'Survivor: Redemption Island' premiere: Phillip Sheppard drives a Dodge Stratus!


"Survivor" is back with a Redemption Island twist, plus two famous villains in Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz. It should certainly be interesting.The show kicks off with Jeff bringing them all in by giant helicopter. We hope they get pushed out the cargo opening, like Marines or something. They can swim to shore, right? Unfortunately, they get dropped off all civil-like. Bor-ing.Jeff then brings Rob and Russell out and you can tell who in the cast is an actual fan of the show because they freak out like Brad Pitt just got dropped onto the beach. There's a little dark-haired Parvati-like girl named Stephanie who wants to team up with Russell very badly. Fancesca says it looks like R & R are sizing them up like prey. Heh.The guys draw their buffs and Rob joins Ometepe and Russell joins Zapatera (hey, they're purple and their name is Zapatera! That's like the Zap2it tribe!). Zapatera...



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