MODERN FAMILY “Princess Party” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Princess Party" Season 2 Episode 15 - Claire and Mitchell’s mom is back and crazier than ever, while Mitchell doesn’t want Fizbo to come back in the "Princess Party" episode of MODERN FAMILY. Meanwhile, Jay, Gloria, and Manny kinda sorta work together to give Lily a special birthday gift.

Just when you think Claire can’t be wound any tighter, her mom comes to town. Wow, does Dede need help (and to burn that horrible jean jacket), but Shelley Long is a lot of fun in this role. Love Alex playing the ‘Jaws’ theme, Luke trying to be cute to calm Claire down, and that Phil makes everything smell like cheese. The Dede-Robbie gropeathon is so wonderfully wrong and funny and Claire’s horror at even seeing the rich with abs Robbie again takes it to a whole new level. "Every time he opens his mouth I can hear my daughters losing respect for me." I would empathize more with Claire and her scandalous past if it didn’t come in a cute and funny Matt Dillon package, though. Oh, and I’m so glad Claire finally gets to kick some butt with her verbal smack down of her mom. Well done. Read More...


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