'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Can You Tell Me How to Get to the Kitchen?

There are several important things tonight. One, there are only seven chefs left in the competition. Two, it's only the top competitors left. Three, and most important of all, there are Muppets on the show tonight! Muppets!

Also there will be cooking. That's important too.

The episode begins with reflection. Richard wishes Fabio had asked how to make a burger. Carla thinks it would be cool if a woman one. Dale doesn't think losing is OK.

But enough reflection, it's time for the Quickfire Challenge and an awkwardly rhyming Padma. Why is she rhyming? Because there are Muppets! Telly, Cookie Monster and Elmo pop up from behind a table. Everybody laughs hysterically.

In a shocking turn of events, the cheftestants are going to make cookies. Or, as Cookie Monster puts it: "COOKIE! COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE..." They have to make whatever they think is the best cookie in the world, to be judged by the world's least discerning cookie critics. Probably some humans will judge too. I hope. They get 45 minutes. If they win, it's $5000. Also, Cookie Monster's approval, which is pretty much priceless. Read More...



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