OFF THE MAP “It’s Good” Review

OFF THE MAP "It’s Good" Season 1 Episode 6 – When someone breaks into the clinic and steals all the meds, the docs are forced to resort to some unusual measures to treat their patients. In one case, they even resort to the use of street drugs to keep a man with a burst appendix from dying of shock on the operating table. Then they use ants to actually keep his insides where they belong. I had to admire the method, even if I actually couldn’t watch it.

We also found out what was up with Ryan last week, turns out she has a heart condition caused by bug bite when she was a kid. The tragedy is that it could have been prevented with some very simple treatments so when she sees the same bite on another young girl, she goes out of her way to make sure that happens. I find it interesting that they’ve given a main character what could potentially be a fatal illness and I’m excited to see where they go with her storyline. Read More...


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