SYM-BIONIC TITAN “I Am Octus” Review

SYM-BIONIC TITAN "I Am Octus" Episode 14 – I never would have expected that I’d be so impressed by an episode of Sym-Bionic Titan in which Octus was the main character driving an emotional story line, but tonight’s episode, "I Am Octus" totally did it.

In the very first scene with Octus, Ilana and Lance at a modern art exhibit, I have to be honest, I related most to Octus’ description of the painting they were looking at. Obviously Octus, like many people, doesn’t innately grasp the feelings evoked by art so both Ilana and Lance misguidedly extend his technical understanding to the whole of Octus’ personality. They conclude that Octus’ inability to interpret the underlying emotions in art as the fault of him being a robot while at the same time being completely oblivious to the reality of Octus feeling frustrated, angry and hurt in that exact moment. Obviously he’s more than a machine and I think that deep down, both Ilana and Lance realize that, but in a moment of thoughtlessness, they hurt Octus because they carelessly forgot that he was capable of having feelings. Read More...


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