CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR "Two of a Kind" Season 1 Episode 1 – After guest starring on an episode of Criminal Minds last year, Forrest Whitaker and his team have spun off into their own TV show. Is it any good? Well…not really.

It sure gets started up quickly, though! The original Criminal Minds had small scenes introducing each member of the team when it debuted 6 years ago, which was a great way to let us know what kind of people they are and what their motivations might be. This show however, it’s like we’re just picking up in the middle of the season. No introduction, no getting to know the team, the camera just pans across the room where they’re all meeting about the case. All that we learn about them is that they’re the "Red Cells" branch of the FBI. It seems like they’re trying to separate this show from the original by making them less "by-the-book" as the original cast, but it just ends up making them look less professional. Oh, and throwing in Garcia doesn’t help at all, it just makes the show seem like an impostor. She doesn’t even seem very happy to be there! Read More...


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