A '30 Rock' Kenneth the Page Montage to Bookmark and Play When You're Sad

Look, I'm not a doctor. I am a TV-watching, joke-writing blogger, which is about as far away from being a doctor as it is possible to be without being a ladybug or an old piece of cheese or one of the Real Housewives' wigs. But I know what makes me feel good, and darn it, this montage of Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock set to Mika's "Love Today" doesn't just make me feel good--it makes me feel GREAT. Like everything is made of sunshine and kisses. And isn't that what doctors are supposed to do? Make everything better and nothing hurt?

So I guess what I'm saying is that, in a way, yes I am a doctor. And I hope that you're like me, because if you are, you're about to get a big ol' shot of HAPPY MEDICINE for free. (Like you would if you were in Canada!) Your prescription is to bookmark this and play it 3x per day (or as needed, when you've got a bad case of the :(((( doldrums). Now eat your medicine! It's good for you!



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