AMERICAN IDOL (2011) “Group Week” Review

AMERICAN IDOL "Group Week" Season 10 Episode 9 – Well since I stuck my neck out, I should expect to get it chopped.

Message to Rob Bolin – Part 2: You really blew it. Like monumentally blew it. You could tell the judges so very BADLY wanted to vote you through, but because you completely gave up even before you hit the stage (and weren’t a cute, roly-poly 16-year old that had been rudely kicked out of his group), we had to say good-bye. And I support that. Your constant moping, self-defeating habits and negativity almost made me throw my bowl of Cheetos at the television set. You had it, man – THE WHOLE PACKAGE – the sad story, the "I just got kicked" puppydog eyes, the brilliant once-in-a-decade tortured voice. And you just melted down inside your head. You couldn’t go one freaking night without your allotted sleep? If you were so put off by the two girls dancing around you, and you didn’t know the song, you should have grabbed the bull by the horns and said "I’m not comfortable with this song. We need to do something else." Because this was your one BIG BREAK, and you blew it. I can see why Chelsee dumped you for the himbo, man. He may not be all that in the brains department, but hey, some guys are so dumb they’re confident. And I think that’s what she lacked: a confident man. Who would want the responsibility of lugging around your fragile psyche their entire life? Grow a pair, brah. Read More...


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