'Modern Family' recap: A Family Affair

Tonight's episode welcomed back two favorite characters from last season: Shelley Long's DeDe Pritchett, mom to Claire and Mitchell and ex-wife to Jay, and Cam's beloved alter ego, Fizbo the Clown. Shelley Long plays the former Pritchett matriarch pretty perfectly – with a smidge of crazy, a dash of passive-aggressiveness, and a whole lot of acid-tongued wit. Her banter with Claire felt like real mother-daughter bickering, minus the unrelenting sexual undertones, of course. DeDe did not arrive empty-handed, however. She came toting a shaggy-haired, slightly rough-around-the-edges Matt Dillon as Claire's not-so-bright, limo-driving ex-boyfriend, Robbie. While Dillon didn't have a whole lot to do tonight, it was fun to see him pop up in this random role, and to see him make out with Shelley Long! The big question of the night was, who was DeDe there to screw (metaphorically for her family, literally for Robbie, I guess): Claire, Mitchell, or Jay? They were all convinced she was after them – "It's not you, it's me," they all said. Turns out it wasn't about any of them; she was after Gloria! Poor, drugged-up Gloria. Who saw that tackle coming? Not me. But luckily, Phil was there to save the day, yelping, "I got Gloria, I got Gloria," as he rolled to her rescue. I always forget about Phil's crush on Gloria, but I love when it rears its awkward head. Read More...



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