'Top Chef' recap: Me Want Cookie!

There was a listlessness at Top Chef HQ last night as the chefs surveyed their dwindling ranks. The latest to go, Fabio, was also a dark-horse loser. Questions hung in the air. Why didn't Fabio run his burger past Blais, who owns a burger restaurant? Why didn't Blais offer to help Fabio, since he owns a burger restaurant? At said burger restaurant, is there space for an industrial vat of liquid nitrogen?

But the best question came after the chefs entered the kitchen. Why was Padma talking like that? Answer: Muppets. Padma was intro-ing the Quickfire judges, who happened to be Muppets. She said a rhyme. It was halting and sort of beautiful to hear, like when a toddler reads aloud for the first time. After she successfully finished, Muppets popped out. They can't actually eat food, but they're lots of fun. Three Sesame Street VIPs made up the panel: Elmo, Cookie Monster, and a pink one with Carla hair. They had a simple request:Cooookiiiiiiiieeeeesssssss. Read more...



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