'Justified' 2.02 'The Life Inside' Recap And Review

If you read my advance review, you'll know I really, really liked tonight's episode of Justified. And even though it's been a few weeks and I've seen it a few times more? I still really, really like this episode.

It starts with the unsavory characters. Dickie and Coover Bennett are out disposing of Walt McCready's corpse, being that their mother poisoned him last week, and bickering as siblings do. Meanwhile, Boyd Crowder comes out of the depths of a mine to find Raylan waiting for him. He reminds Raylan that he characterized him as liking "to get money and blow shit up." Raylan brushes that off and offers to buy him a drink. We all know that they both have ulterior motives for this little get-together, and they quickly cut to the chase. "Life don't hand out too many seconds chances, Boyd," Raylan warns him, trying to get Boyd to avoid Gio and the Miami cartel, ignoring Boyd's protestations that he's gone straight. "The more you say it, the less I believe it." Read More...



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