Survivor: Redemption Island 22.1 "You're Looking at the New Leader" Recap

Before the show even starts, Jeff tells us that Survivor: Redemption Island is presented by Sprint!  Our first Blatant Product Placement of the season! (This is otherwise known as the BPP!)  The series officially opens with an Nicaraguan Air Force helicopter transporting Jeff and the players to the marooning beach.  Jeff explains that the contestants will only have the clothes on their back and a unique story.  Phillip is a former special agent. Matt lives every day for his Savior. Ralph is fine with being viewed as a hick.  Jeff sits on the open back of the helicopter and tells us that in 39 days, one of these contestants could be the next Sole Survivor!

The helicopter lands on beach, and Jeff leads the players out.  Francesca tells the camera that she can't believe that this is really happening.  Mike explains that he was deployed twice to Iraq, which he believes has prepared him for the game.  Jeff announces "Welcome to Survivor!" to a chorus of cheers.  Those cheers are quickly tempered when Jeff informs them that he has a surprise before they get started: there are two more players still to arrive.  A second helicopter lands, and out walk Boston Rob and Russell.  There are loud cheers for Rob, but only an "Oh, no!" for Russell.  Stephanie confides that she is going to stare down Russell and take him on, or she will be out.  Jeff informs the players that Rob has proven himself over three seasons to be a major help to his tribe in both challenges and at camp.  Russell masterminded two of the strongest alliances in Survivor history.  Between them, they have 156 days of Survivor experience so it would behoove the newbies to learn from them.  Francesca says aloud that veterans seem to be sizing the new players up like prey.  "They're trouble makers!" she exclaims (way to put a target on your back, Francesca!)  To determine which tribes Rob and Russell will be on, they draw for buffs.  Rob selects the orange buff of Ometepe, and Russell heads to Zapatera.  Cheers again ring out for Rob, but it is only Steve and Krista that welcome Russell. Read More...


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