The Cape: "The Lich, Part 1" Review

Zombies invaded Palm City in this week's episode of The Cape, which when you think of it isn't such a big deal since The Capeitself has been a member of the walking dead almost since its first episode aired. We all know it is no longer alive; NBC just hasn't put a bullet in its head yet. As for the other zombies, well… they're not Dawn of the Dead type ghouls as much as the voodoo variety, only they seem to have much better hygiene than the typical White Zombie shambler. They're "zombified" after being exposed to a cocktail of drugs which cause simulated death, followed by a tendency to claw their way out of their coffin and go into a feverish state and/or become a worker drone for the episode's Big Bad. So how does this affect Vince Faraday and his cape? Well, it seems that Rollo, the little person/strongman from the Carnival of Crime, "used to date" one of these newly zombified folks, a girl named Janet. This means, one supposes, that the Carnival of Crime contingent lead normal lives beyond their carnival and crime activities. Good for them! And yet, how unconvincing and awkward a set-up for this episode!  Read More...


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