Episode: "Episode 6" Review

"Episode 6" contained a great, drawn-out scene between Beverly and Matt, after she crashes her car headlong into his (shown back in "Episode 1"), but the rest of it just didn't quite hold up, humor-wise, compared to what we've seen from this show. 

After the set-up, which involved Bev storming out and threatening to move back to London, the rest of the show was a split between Bev and Matt back at his place and Sean's lunch with Merc. I really enjoyed Merc not wanting to go over and say "hello" to his blind wife, but, as I've written previously, a little bit of Merc goes a long way. He's just a lying man-child and really, up to this point, Sean and Bev's biggest "Hollywood" hurdle. He'll just sit there and tell Sean that he doesn't cheat on his wife but none of it comes off as funny - just deplorable. And there's only so much I can take of Sean merely reacting politely to Merc's shallow nonsense.  Read More...



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