The Eagle Review

The Eagle is a reassuringly old-fashioned 'swords and sandals' romp directed by Last King of Scotland-helmer Kevin Macdonald. Shot at the same time as 2010's similarly-themed Centurion, the studio held onto The Eagle for nearly a year to avoid a schedule clash, and for good reason, as both films share similar DNA. 

Inspired by 'The Eagle of the Ninth', a much-loved kid's historical adventure novel by Rosemary Sutcliff, both The Eagle andCenturion feature the mysterious disappearance of a Roman legion in northern Britain at the heart of their tales - but told from different angles - with The Eagle being more of a direct adaptation of the source material. 

Where Centurion failed to ignite audience's imaginations last year with its undercooked characters and paper thin plot, The Eagleoffers a much more satisfying proposition mainly thanks to Kevin Macdonald's assured and mature approach to a potentially generic piece. Some badass action sequences and fine period detailing don't do any harm either.  Read More...


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