Vanishing on 7th Street - Review

ALL ALONE Hayden Christensen desperate in Vanishing on 7th Street | Hayden Christensen

Vanishing on 7th Street is a throwback of a horror movie that sets out to re-create the spooky, bombed-out, trapped-in-a-bunker atmosphere of such '60s and '70s B-movie landmarks as the Living Dead films and Assault on Precinct 13. But the director, Brad Anderson (The Machinist), apes those films without a hint of their gutter shrewdness. In essence, he's made a zombie movie without the zombies. Early on, John Leguizamo, as a shopping-mall movie-theater projectionist, wanders out of his booth to discover that seemingly all of humanity (except for him) has been literally sucked away, leaving nothing but piles of clothes on the ground. All the electricity has been neutralized as well. Read More...,,20466668,00.html


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