Private Practice's Kate Walsh: Addison Shuts Down Following Her Mother's Suicide

Following her mother's suicide, Private Practice's Addison (Kate Walsh) will go into a dark place that may threaten her relationship with Sam (Taye Diggs).

"She found Bizzy [JoBeth Williams] just after she killed herself, so it's pretty intense," Walsh tells "It's a real challenge to play someone who is shutting down and WASPing out, if there is such a verb."

Addison, along with Sam and the whole crew (minus Sheldon and Violet, who are working on a death row case), head to Connecticut for the funeral, where The Captain (Stephen Collins) and Archer (Grant Show) have drowned their grief in alcohol. "Everyone plays their role in a funeral, and in this case, it's managing her alcoholic family. It's really funny, but also so sad and dark." Read More...


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